GO-Trust FIDO Suite

GO-Trust FIDO Suite is a FIDO certified UAF Client plus ASM that enables login supporting the FIDO UAF protocol for all mobile devices meeting all levels of security requirements. To provide better user experience and fast integration for relying parties, GO-Trust develops FIDO client combining GO-Trust v.SE ASM to become single package - GO-Trust FIDO Suite. By using GO-Trust FIDO Suite, replying party’s APP can use standardized FIDO Client API to access GO-Trust FIDO v.SE to meet all levels of security requirements.


GO-Trust FIDO Suite :

  • GO-Trust FIDO Client + GO-Trust v.SE (software-based ASM)

FIDO UAF authentication means strong, fast and passwordless. GO-Trust achieves this with a software-based virtual secure element version.


  • GO-Trust FIDO v.SE
  • GO-Trust v.SE is a software-based ASM certified by FIDO UAF 1.0 and It provides fingerprint authentication on Android and iOS. GO-Trust FIDO v.SE provides fast and scalable deployment for relying parties requiring less security level and accepting software security.

  • GO-Trust FIDO Client
  • GO-Trust FIDO Client is a FIDO UAF 1.0 certified UAF Client supporting both iOS and Android ASM. It provides standardized API for replying party’s APP to access FIDO ASM.