GO-Trust Collaborates with Nok Nok Labs to Offer Best, Ready to Deploy FIDO Login for All Devices and Levels of Security


San Francisco, California, February 24th, 2016 – Today GOTrust Technology Inc. (GO-Trust) announced its collaboration with Nok Nok Labs to enable login supporting the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) UAF protocol for all mobile devices meeting all levels of security requirements.  FIDO UAF authentication delivers a strong, fast and passwordless user experience. GO-Trust achieves this with its market first FIDO Certified™ on-chip facial recognition using a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified secure element build into a microSD form factor and a software-based virtual secure element version. The Nok Nok S3 Authentication Suite offers a device independent, scalable and FIDO Certified™ solution that combines with GO-Trust to deliver a unique and immediately available strong authentication experience for deploying organizations.


FIDO UAF authenticator_EN_low
“We are very excited about being able to offer the complete ‘user to back office’ solution for strong mobile authentication,” said Darren Lee, CEO of GO-Trust. “Working with Nok Nok Labs we now have every piece of the puzzle ready and available.”


“The Nok Nok-GO-Trust collaboration is a win-win for customers,” said Todd Thiemann, VP Marketing of Nok Nok Labs. “This approach enables deploying organizations to enjoy a more secure, faster and complete FIDO authentication solution.”


About GO-Trust

GOTrust Technology Inc. (GO-Trust®) is the innovator of the secure microSD and the first company to deliver mobile credit cards, mobile banking, US PIV mobilization, and voice & text encryption using the microSD form factor. GO-Trust® continues its world-leading “authentication in the cloud” innovation with the most powerful, fastest, and smartest microSD embedded chips offering sophisticated mobile device authentication solutions. The company’s latest products include Federal government Derived PIV Credential, FIDO Biometric Passwordless, and U2F 2nd factor solutions. Other APPs include SYCRET, using military strength (FIPS) hardware encryption, for secure voice, text/IM, cloud data encryption, and sharing. GO-Trust® has fifteen international patents.  Visit GO-Trust at www.go-trust.com.



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