GO-Trust® Secure microSD Java

GO-Trust microSD Java supports the full range of secure applications using Java card today if you would like to move them into Android or Windows mobile devices. You can either load your Java card applet into GO-Trust microSD Java or develop your own secure applications in Android or Windows based on GO-Trust PKCS#11 middleware.

In addition, GO-Trust develops microSD Java as the first FIDO Ready microSD that makes it simple, fast and affordable for these billions of personal computers, mobile devices and phones already in the marketplace to be enabled with universal strong authentication that can replace password authentication with easier to use, more secure and private authentication.


  • 16-bit high performance CPU
  • 144KB EEPROM
  • Java card 3.0.1 classic
  • GP 2.1.1
  • Security IC is CC EAL 5+ certified
  • FIDO Ready
  • GO-Trust PKI Applet is available with PKCS#11 support in Android, Windows and Linux.
  • PC/SC driver is available for Windows

The Secure microSD Java is available for immediate shipment in small and medium quantities that are ideally suited for project prototype applications. Larger quantities are built to order with a lead time of approximately 4 to 6 weeks. A comprehensive SDK is available to simplify application integration.