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GO-Trust® is the innovator of the secure microSD and the first company to deliver mobile credit cards, mobile banking, US PIV mobilization and voice & text encryption using the microSD form factor. GO-Trust® continues its world-leading ‘NoPassword Authentication Platform’ innovation to make login simpler and more secure from computer to cloud. The company’s latest products include FIDO UAF server, client and ASM, Bluetooth NFC smart card and the GO-Trust ID. GO-Trust® has twenty international patents. 

  • The First Company to build a smart card into a microSD and now commercially deployed in over 10 countries
  • The First FIDO U2F certified authenticator being able to be corporate badge
  • The First FIPS 140-2 Level 3 & FIPS 201 certified secure microSD for all devices
  • The First Company to facilitate a low cost HSM in microSD form factor
  • The First FIDO UAF certified on-chip facial recognition ASM
  • The First cryptographic removal token to meet LoA-4 in Guideline of NIST Derived PIV Credential

GO-Trust Highlights

The only Asian company elected by NIST USA as a reference design partner for the “US Federal Derived PIV Credential Project”, March of 2016

Awarded with SBIR Innovative Technology Prize of 2015 by Ministry of Economics in Taiwan

US Federal Computer Weekly (FCW) recognize GO-Trust as the Mobile Security ‘Game Changer’, Sep. 15, 2015

GO-Trust CEO, Darren Lee, presented with Obama Chief Cyber Security Consultant, Howard Schmidt, at Future Authentication Conference in Tokyo, February of 2015

CEO Darren was elected one of Top 100 MVP Managers in Taiwan, 2012

The only Asian company won the world most prestigious digital security award “Sesames Award” in Paris, November of 2008